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Frequently Asked Questions


1. When can I start working?
We make the application process fast and easy. While you will have to fill out some paperwork, Inspire is available 24/7 to assist you. Once we receive all the completed application materials, you can start taking shifts in as little as three weeks.

​2. What is the application process like?
You will have to complete a KAPER application with basic contact, education, and work history information. You will also have to complete a brief application for coverage with our malpractice insurance carrier. Each hospital also requires a delineation of privileges. All of these forms are available in electronic format for your convenience. You will also need to provide copies of documents like your medical license, DEA certificate, and other credentials. Inspire Medical is always available to provide any help with the process over the phone, by email, or even in person.

​3. I don’t have any ER Experience. Do you think I can work Emergency Medicine?
Most of our physicians are not Emergency Medicine trained physicians, they are Family Practitioners, OB-GYNs, Surgeons, Pediatricians etc. Most have ATLS and PALS, a few have ALSO and all have ACLS. After looking at a hospital ED’s Delineation of Privileges form you will see what procedures you may be expected to perform and depending on your comfort level with these procedures you can decide if you need more training or if you feel confident doing these procedures. Dr. Jones is available 24/7 to answer any questions you may have regarding any of these procedures and the office staff can help you obtain an ATLS, ACLS or any of the other courses that will boost your knowledge and abilities.

​4. Does Inspire have any opportunities for residents wanting to moonlight?
Yes. Moonlighting opportunities are available at all of our hospitals. In order to moonlight, residents must have a “Resident” status medical license and approval from their residency director.

​5. I am a resident. Is moonlighting right for me?
Most residents, even those in specialties other that emergency medicine, find that their emergency medicine rotation and ACLS training sufficiently prepare them for working in our ERs. And our medical director is available 24/7 for support. Moonlighting is a great way to hone clinical skills, expand your experience, and network with potential patients and colleagues, while supplementing your income. Many residents enjoy their work with Inspire so much that they choose to continue their partnership with us even after their residency is complete, in a part or full-time capacity.

​6. What are the benefits of working for Inspire Medical?
Inspire Medical provides competitive salary; flexible scheduling and shift lengths; malpractice insurance; health insurance; patient complaint resolution program; medical director and staff available 24/7 for assistance.

​7. What is your scheduling process?
As soon as there is a strong likelihood of you having privileges at one or more hospitals we can start scheduling you for any shifts remaining in the current month and shifts for the coming month. Full time physicians schedule first with each taking approximately two weekend shifts for every seven or eight weekday shifts. Regular part time physicians schedule next, these are physicians that regularly take one day per week every week of the month and at least one weekend shift. Afterwards I send out the openings to those physicians that pick up a shift or two per month or those that help in taking troublesome shifts when there might be two or three openings on one particular day. It is expected for everyone to help cover weekends and holidays in the same way they cover weekdays.

​8. What is the frequency and timing of payments to physicians who work for Inspire?
Inspire divides each month into two pay periods: the 1st through the 15th of the month, and then the 16th to the end of the month. Payment to the physicians is placed in the mail on the 5th business day after the pay period, or it will be in the physician’s bank account on the 8th business day after the pay period if automatic deposit is elected by the physician. We understand the importance of cash flow, and we make a commitment to our physicians so they can count on payment on schedule every time. In over 20 years of business we have never failed to meet this payment schedule.

​9. Do you offer Direct Deposit?
Yes, we have Direct Deposit or you can opt to have your check mailed to you.

10. Does Inspire Medical provide health insurance?
Inspire Medical provides health insurance with a family plan for full time physicians.

11. Does Inspire Medical provide malpractice insurance?
Inspire Medical provides comprehensive malpractice insurance in excess of required state limits with tail coverage.

​12.  Does Inspire offer a retirement plan for physicians?
Yes, if you are an employee of Inspire Medical, you will be able to participate fully in Inspire Medical’s 401K. You may make contributions to the plan after your first month of service at Inspire. You will be eligible for matching contributions by Inspire and able to participate in our profit sharing plan after the completion of your first year of service with Inspire. If you work for Inspire as an independent contractor, Inspire will assist you in setting up an individual retirement plan, and we can designate a portion of your regular paycheck to this plan at your direction.

13. Am I covered by workers compensation while I am working for Inspire Medical?
Yes, all of our physicians, whether working for us as an independent contractor or as an employee, are covered by our workers compensation policy. There is no cost to the physician for this coverage.

14. Do you pay for any travel expenses?
We do not pay for travel expenses but as an independent contractor you will want to keep track of your expenses for deductions for tax purposes.

15. Do you have weekend differential pay?
Yes, all of our weekend pay is typically $10 higher per hour on the weekends starting at midnight on Friday going through Sunday midnight.

16. Do you pay Holiday Pay and how much is it?
Holiday pay which is time and one half is paid midnight to midnight on the following holidays:

New Years Day
Independence Day
Memorial Day
Labor Day
Christmas Eve
Christmas Day

17. Will I have any support while I am in the ED?
Yes. We understand that each patient entering the ED brings in a different scenario. Just knowing there is another physician available at any time to confer with can relieve the stress of ED practice and provide for the best patient outcomes. Dr. Jeff Jones is available at any time to discuss a patient care concern. Inspire Medical knows that the physicians work anytime of the day and any day of the year, so we are available to you whenever you are in the ED.

18. What if I have a question after office hours?
Call our Louisville number or our 800 number anytime of the day or night and any day of the year. We answer our phone with a live person, who is a staff member of Inspire Medical on a 24/7 basis. You have to work all hours, so we do as well. We understand the stress of providing ED care, so if you need something regardless of the day or hour of the day, we are there for you. No answering machines, no answering service, a person that can assist you.

19. How does Inspire Medical handle patient complaints?
Patient complaints are managed through Inspire Medical’s Patient Advocate and Liaison program (PAL). A licensed attorney employed by Inspire Medical mediates between the patient, hospital, and physician until a resolution is reached.

20. How does Inspire Medical handle staff complaints?
Inspire Medical provides a staff liaison between the physician and hospital staff and/or administration in order to resolve conflicts.

21. If I have past medical claims, will your malpractice company cover me with insurance?
There have been very few times that our physicians have not been accepted from our malpractice insurance company, it seems most insurance companies are getting a little more cautious covering physicians with several prior claims so it may take a little longer to get your Certificate of Insurance than someone without claims. Our malpractice company typically has underwriting meetings every month so even if we have to wait for the next meeting it shouldn’t take that long.

22. I have, or have had, a restricted medical license or other licensure issues. Will this prevent me from working with Inspire?
No. Inspire is always willing to give the right physician a second chance.

23. I am under contract with the Kentucky Physicians Health Foundation, and I am ready to work again. Does Inspire have any opportunities for me?
Yes. With support from the Foundation, Inspire Medical is a great option for you. Many physicians with the Foundation find that the flexible scheduling, staff support, and work-only-at-work opportunity Inspire offers is a perfect way to resume the practice of medicine.

24. Do you accept J1 or H1B visa candidates?
Yes, we have worked with physicians under each condition. Each situation is different and can be complex. Please call our office to discuss your specific needs in regard to a visa issue.

25. Can I work for other companies, or have a private practice while I am working for Inspire Medical?
Yes. We do not believe it is appropriate to limit a physician’s ability to practice medicine. We will have you sign an agreement with Inspire, but it will specifically state that you are free to work elsewhere on your own, or for anyone else. Of course we love doctors who wish to devote all their professional efforts to the patients at hospitals served by Inspire, but we believe we have to earn that dedication, we can’t require it.

26. Will there be a non-compete clause in my agreement with Inspire?
No. Inspire understands the profession of medicine from the physician’s perspective. We would never impose a penalty of any kind on a physician who simply wishes to practice medicine. It is our position that a physician should never sign a non-compete clause. We hear every day how there is a shortage of physicians, non-compete clauses simply make that situation worse and are injurious to the physician.

27. Will I be an Independent Contractor or an Employee?
We have contracts to hire physicians as either an independent contractor or as an employee. Most of our physicians are in the independent contractor status. This status enables you to retain greater control over your schedule, the number of hours you work per week, and the locations of your ED work. Benefits of health insurance and fitness club membership are available to both employed physicians and independent contractors. Other benefits such as participation in our retirement plan is exclusively for employed physicians.

28. Do you have Medical Director positions available?
Yes, for the physician who wants greater involvement in the hospital he or she serves, we can arrange for a Medical Director position. It will depend on whether a medical director has been named for the particular ED, and we will work with the physician to determine the scope of additional duties to be covered and the commensurate compensation for the additional work. Please discuss this with a member of our office staff, or the corporate medical director, Dr. Jeff Jones.

29. I don’t have a Kentucky medical license yet. How do I apply for one?
Visit the website of the Kentucky Board of Medical Licensure. There, you can apply for a license online and view the schedule of quarterly Board meetings. You may be eligible for a Temporary Permit (with no additional fee) that will allow you to practice medicine in Kentucky before your full license can be issued. Inspire Medical can always help you through the process.

30. Will I have to apply for my own Medicare and Medicaid numbers?
No. Inspire does all the work for you. We complete the paperwork, submit it to the appropriate agency, and follow up with the hospital.

31. Does Inspire medical provide a referral bonus?
Inspire Medical has established a referral bonus program in order to encourage and reward those who refer physicians to Inspire Medical who are subsequently selected and complete three months of employment.

32. Does Inspire hire physician assistants or nurses?
At this time we are not hiring either physician assistants or nurses. Depending on the needs of the hospitals we serve, we have in the past hired physician assistants, and if that becomes that case in the future, we will update this entry. However, or either physician assistants or nurses wishing to work in or near a hospital Inspire services, we are more than interested in getting to know you and working to see if there may be a good fit that is beneficial to the hospital and you.

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