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The staff at Inspire Medical recognizes the demands you face with a career in the emergency department. Our goal is to help you keep a high quality of life while still providing patients the skilled medical care they need. By partnering with Inspire Medical, many Kentucky physicians have found a career in emergency medicine that meets both their professional and personal needs.

Whether you’re currently an emergency medicine physician, a practicing physician, a physician considering retirement, or a resident physician, Inspire Medical can help you get an emergency department career that offers the flexibility and lifestyle you want.


Emergency Medicine Physicians  

For the full-time emergency medicine physician who is interested in a profession career, Inspire Medical offers you a rewarding practice opportunity. Experience the freedom of controlling your own time while receiving the benefits of being a part of a group practice.

Practicing Physician

As a new or established physician who wants to supplement your practice, working with Inspire Medical can enable you to earn additional income without overhead while continuing your practice. The emergency department is an ideal place to gain exposure and meet new patients in your community.

Physicians Considering Retirement

For the practitioner who is considering less time in the office, partnering with Inspire Medical is an excellent way to ease out of the day-to-day practice management responsibilities. Your time can be focused on patient care, not overhead issues such as scheduling, billing, reimbursement or staffing concerns.

Resident Physicians

As a resident physician, Inspire Medical can help supplement your income, work to built a patient base in a particular community or gain experience in various emergency department settings.

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