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About Us

About Inspire Medical

Inspire Medical is a physician owned Emergency Department Management and Staffing Group with a solid network of Kentucky physicians committed to rural Kentucky communities and hospitals.

With nearly half of all inpatients being treated first in a hospital’s emergency department, it has never been more important to have emergency department physicians who have the knowledge and skills to give patients the care they expect and deserve.

At Inspire Medical, we partner with both Kentucky physicians and Kentucky hospitals to ensure both receive the assistance they need. We work with physicians to offer an emergency department career that balances their professional and personal lives, and we partner with hospitals to staff their emergency departments with only highly-trained and qualified medical professionals.   

For something as critical as your emergency department staffing and management, you can trust Inspire Medical. Contact us today to discover how we can help you.


Key Staff

We are dedicated to providing honest medical staffing to hospitals and physicians in the state of Kentucky. 

Our Philosophy

Our team views our role as being a valuable advocate working towards the best interest of physicians and hospitals. 

Why Inspire Medical?

We've developed an exceptional reputation in providing emergency department management and physician staffing for hospitals in the state of Kentucky. 

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