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Casey County Hospital


Casey County Hospital is a general medical hospital with 24 licensed beds in Liberty, KY. It underwent a complete rebuild in 2008 and is a very modern facility. The medical staff consists of three Family Practice physicians and a full-time radiologist. The hospital also has two cardiology clinics. The ER has five private rooms, and CTs and x-rays are read immediately by the radiologist, or if after hours, CTs are read by teleradiology. The doctor’s room is equipped with a bed, desk, internet, computer, television, and a private bathroom with a shower. The cafeteria delivers lunch and dinner to the physician in the ER. Transfers are generally made to Danville or Somerset, with some going to Lexington.

Volume: 6,500
12 or 24 hour shifts
187 Wolford Avenue
Liberty, KY 42539

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