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Our Programs

At Inspire Medical, our team of physicians and support staff work for your hospital and its administration. We view our role as a valuable advocate working for the best interests of the hospital and our partnering physicians. Our programs are designed to make managing an emergency department as efficient and organized as possible to improve communication and decrease inaccuracies.

PAL™ Program
We created the PAL™ program to provide a consistent approach for handling any complaint, regardless of the source. 

Emergency Depeartment Improvement Team
Upon initiating our services at your hospital, Inspire Medical will organize and coordinate a team of selected emergency physicians, nurses, hospital personnel and other appropriate persons. 



We developed this program to improve reimbursements by providing accurate time studies for the emergency physicians to be used in hospital cost reports.

Consulting Services

Inspire Medical provides complimentary consultation services to each client hospital.

Coding & Billing

Inspire Medical will reassign the ability to bill and collect to your hospital.

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