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Feeling Burnout?

Mar 7th, 2013

Almost half of physicans experience some feelings of job burnout, caused by factors like lack of control, care fatigue, work-life imbalance, and disagreements with employers.  Physcians who have experienced those factors report feelings of cynicism, lack of fulfillment by work, irritability and tension with coworkers, emotional and physical exhaustion, and may even dread going to work.  

Recent reseach shows that job burnout can greatly affect patient care.  Physicians experiencing burnout tend to be less invested in patient care and behave less professionally with patients.  As a result, many of those physicians have lower rates of patient satisfaction--an higher rates of malpractice claims.

Burnout can become a serious problem for physicians.  Decrease in enthusiasm and patient satisfaction can lead to termination of employment, and subsequent difficulty finding another opportunity.  Some may choose to leave the field altogether.  Feelings of burnout may lead to depression, and even suicide.

But you can combat burnout.  Gain control of your schedule and workload.  Have more time for your family and interests.  Work with those who share your values.  The easiest way to do those things? Contact Inspire Medical now to learn more about Kentucky's best opportunities in emergency medicine, and take back your work and your life.

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